#BEStartupManisfesto for policy makers

I have being following this ‘hashtag’ on twitter since the Xavier Damman first post and subsequence mainstream newspaper articles where different stakeholders jousted for limelight or attempt to ride on this wave at regional, national and European level (ie. #singledigitalmarket). This is a good thing, if we can ‘bottled’ this enthusiasm and forged it into real action locally.

I would like to start mine with a paragraph of disclosures and disclaimers. Continue reading

So you have an e-commerce website

Recently I stumbled on a specialised e-commerce website that focuses on a niche product. The website sells tea leaves and have established good direct relationship with multiple suppliers.It provides real value to a myriad of small tea producers whom do not have access to international distribution network to export. Hence playing a role of 21st century digital middleman between the producers and international consumers.

The website becomes a sort of ‘direct to consumer’ (DtC) channel and international wholesaler/reseller for Continue reading

The up side of your first hire

The other day a friend and I were talking about salary. This got me thinking about the cost of employment in Belgium that prompted me to write this post.

Imagine you are a Startup, you got your ideas, solution and market figured out. You started to develop your minimum viable product (MVP) and getting ready to launch. You plan to hire your first employee and started looking into such investment.

Here is a quick calculation for a ball park figure for such investment. More importantly the level of revenue and profit you would need to sustain it. Continue reading

Venture money

For some, we live in the time of abundance in material things.

There are more available venture money than worthy ideas,
There are more money than startups (people),
There are more money than startups that work on things that matter, Continue reading

A freelancer and an employee (part 2/2)

From a freelancer perspective, a freelancer:

  • needs to listen intensely and communicate clearly.
  • proactively structure and organise the mission’s objective to ensure success.
  • does not have all the answers but is expected to learn fast.
  • is expected to anticipate the unexpected and is constantly on their toes.
  • has the ability, capability and motivation to deliver beyond their promise.

On the other hand, an employee: Continue reading

A freelancer and an employee (part 1/2)

From an employer perspective, a freelancer :

  • is an opportunity to gain access to expertise and experience.
  • is a variable operational cost that can be terminated the next day.
  • does not get pay if they are not working.
  • is expected to achieve significant result within relatively short time.
  • can extend the capacities and capabilities of existing team.

On the other hand, an employee : Continue reading

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