Mental Models to think

In this post I try to list out the different business concepts, mental models or frameworks that I believe are important for founders to understand and to use as a rough guide when working on their startup and to help them think thru the decisions they need to make.

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All paths lead to Rome

In this case all paths lead to a startup.

The genesis of a startup may come from different sources depending on the experience, knowledge, motivation, inspiration and context of it’s founder or founding team.

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Lesson learnt : why I decided to quit QuickGetit

Today, 4 months after working on QuickGetit, I decided to quit before we cross a critical milestones (financially, psychologically and contractually). During my last holiday break I managed to find time to think through what I had have done, being doing and more importantly what I want to do in the next 3 to 7 years.

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Evaluate startup ideas before starting

Firstly, the purpose of this article is to illustrate my approach to evaluate startup ideas. More importantly to decide if I want to invest the next 3 to 7 years of my life developing the startup into a viable company. It helps me to think thru each idea and to map it with my personal aspiration, ambition and development. This analysis is helpful for the vetting of new ideas.

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