Evaluate startup ideas before starting

Firstly, the purpose of this article is to illustrate my approach to evaluate startup ideas. More importantly to decide if I want to invest the next 3 to 7 years of my life developing the startup into a viable company. It helps me to think thru each idea and to map it with my personal aspiration, ambition and development. This analysis is helpful for the vetting of new ideas.

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Mobile commerce is not e-commerce

Buying online with your smartphone remains difficult. This is especially true if you are searching through a catalogue, trying to create your new user profile or check out on the small screen. If you ever tried mobile shopping yourself, you would understand why cart abandonment rate on smartphone is so high.

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So you have an e-commerce website

Recently I stumbled on a specialised e-commerce website that focuses on a niche product. The website sells tea leaves and have established good direct relationship with multiple suppliers.It provides real value to a myriad of small tea producers whom do not have access to international distribution network to export. Hence playing a role of 21st century digital middleman between the producers and international consumers.

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