Freelancing by accident

When I was 5 or 6 years old I was running around near the woodland of Lubok Antu, playing hide and seek and swam with my sisters in the river of Batang Lupar. Lubok Antu is a border crossing town at the frontier of Indonesia and Malaysia.┬áNearly every afternoon we went for walks in the nearby swampy rainforest. During the monsoon season the river will swelled up and the rapid water create turbulence that formed whirlpool in the river creating a ‘sucking’ sound. Continue reading

A freelancer and an employee (part 2/2)

From a freelancer perspective, a freelancer:

  • needs to listen intensely and communicate clearly.
  • proactively structure and organise the mission’s objective to ensure success.
  • does not have all the answers but is expected to learn fast.
  • is expected to anticipate the unexpected and is constantly on their toes.
  • has the ability, capability and motivation to deliver beyond their promise.

On the other hand, an employee: Continue reading

A freelancer and an employee (part 1/2)

From an employer perspective, a freelancer :

  • is an opportunity to gain access to expertise and experience.
  • is a variable operational cost that can be terminated the next day.
  • does not get pay if they are not working.
  • is expected to achieve significant result within relatively short time.
  • can extend the capacities and capabilities of existing team.

On the other hand, an employee : Continue reading