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Mobile commerce is not e-commerce

Buying online with your smartphone remains difficult. This is especially true if you are searching through a catalogue, trying to create your new user profile or check out on the small screen. If you ever tried mobile shopping yourself, you would understand why cart abandonment rate on smartphone is so high.

Mobile shopping should not be a hassle and we want to change this. 

Often today’s mobile commerce is a simplified version of a conventional e-commerce model that is initially developed for desktop users. As tablets and smartphones become more popular, the desktop version of e-commerce software is adapted to support the different screen sizes of tablets and smartphones.

This is done by making the e-commerce software”web responsive” so that the same e-commerce software can response to the different screen sizes by resizing and displaying the appropriate elements (ie. image, layout or content) accordingly to screen size of the different devices. Often adaptations is done for the three key elements without adapting the core functionalities that was initially designed for desktops. As a result this is often a compromise that disfavour mobile devices, especially the smartphone due to it’s smaller screen size compared to tablets.

Mobile commerce should not be constrained by desktop (e-)commerce.

We believe mobile commerce is not the same as desktop (e-)commerce and smartphone commerce is not the same as tablet commerce.  Done correctly, the three devices are complementary and each need to build according it’s strength, type of usage and user’s context.

We want to change this by making smartphone commerce simple and intuitive.

Smartphone commerce should take advantage of the capabilities built-in to the smartphone (such as camera, GPS, display and touch screen, acceleration meter, mobile, etc)  to make shopping simple and intuitive.

Transform smartphone from an “information searching tool” into a “buying tool”.

We want to transform the smartphone as “an information searching, comparison or camera tool” into a tool made for buying within the context of smartphone commerce.

Our startup, qGETit is a smartphone application as a service platform which e-retailers, brands or marketers subscribe to create mobile-first promotion and to sell to a community. Our simple and intuitive application give smartphone users the ‘superpower’ to shop and to buy with one scan.

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