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Less is more

On my journey to create a better tomorrow, I let yesterday go and focus on today.┬áLess is more in today’s world.

On my journey to better understand my own motivation, I understood the advantage of a clear mind and the lightness of immaterialism. I consciously strive for a simple life.

Financially I dialled down my consumption to the bare minimum which extended our financial runway and created a space to exercise autonomy.

          "Make everything as simple as possible but not simpler" - Albert Einstein.

With autonomy, comes responsibilities. Responsibilities brought to a high level brings purpose. The purpose beyond oneself, families and friends, but for mankind. Driven to make a difference and to enable others to lead a better life.

Purpose without mastery is a dream, mastery without hard and smart work is wishful thinking. Autonomy allow us to build mastery. So the virtuous cycle continues.

Ode to Autonomy, Purpose and Mastery. It is my intention to make this scalable.

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